Techniques To Boost Sales With Email Marketing Campaigns

Statistics prove that there are three times more email accounts than Facebook & Twitter accounts combined while it is six times more likely to get a click-through from email than Twitter. Moreover, to add feathers to the hat, it has also been said that email has the highest Return on Investment (ROI) of any marketing channel available. So, basically, marketing emails hold a very significant role in digital marketing. Need some help there? No Worries. I have come with a list of nine techniques just to help you out with your email marketing campaigns.


1)  Attractive Subject Line


It is the subject line that makes the decision whether your email has to be read or not. Creating a boring subject line will guarantee the mail’s visit to the trash. There are a few factors you should remember when you are creating one. With subject lines, less is more. Having a major part of your subject line cut off from the inbox will not look good. You can use catchy phrases, questions, reminders to write a good subject line. For example, when you send an email that carries a subject line like “Uh-oh, your time is running out“, the reader’s curiosity will be piqued. Hence, the greater the chances of your email getting read.  


2) Hook It Up Like a Pro


Got that catchy subject line? Good. But that isn’t enough. Subject lines can get the email opened, however, if you want them to be read, you should give the readers a reason to read. That compelling reason which makes the reader read your email is called a hook. With email, the hook appears at the very start of your mail to seize your reader’s attention. A good hook will keep the reader glued to the email. You can either start by posing a question, a story, or addressing the issues that readers are facing and to which you can offer a solution. A good example of this is Uncommongood’s email campaign sent during a mother’s day. It reads like this: “Don’t you think your mom would’ve liked a faster delivery?” As a reader, you are tempted to read more. This is what a good hook does to your email.


3) Clever and a Concise Opening


Brevity is an art that should be mastered. Especially, if your email consists of a lengthy introduction, the readers will lose their interest. Your potential customers are receiving plenty of emails daily. So to stand out, and also to avoid bounceback, you should have a clever beginning.  It only takes a less than seven seconds for the reader to decide whether they are gonna stay on the page or bounce back. So a clever, interesting, and a concise beginning can help you hook their interest. A simple yet an interesting slogan about your concept right at the bottom of your brand name. Sounds good? Let us look at the example here. PayPal‘s “Good Food. Good Friend. Good Way to Split the Bill” clearly states the benefit of using PayPal. The concept used in the slogan is relatable and well presented. Therefore, the readers are more likely to scroll down their page to see what Paypal has to say.


4) Casual Voice


Be casual in writing. You can use a conversational tone to engage your readers. Approach them on a one-on-one basis. Be informal but make sure you are maintaining a class. You don’t want your brand to sound undignified. You can present your idea in a way that is neither boring nor pushy. Okay, will give you an example. “Hey there! I have got some fabulous dresses that you might like. Wanna have a look at it?” This campaign is both casual and to the point. The brand was indeed promoting its new arrivals. But void of all those tedious overtones. Refreshing, isn’t?


5) Reminders


You could give your customers a little nudge here and there. Reminders to make your customer get back to your website. Here is an example from an online shopping store, sending a reminder to its customer regarding her abandoned cart. “Hey Moana, you have left something in your cart”.


6) Call to Action (CTA)


A good CTA is very important where email marketing is concerned. Imagine sending an email with a good subject line or an interesting hook, but without a CTA. What happens? Well, you’ll end up getting a very low click-through rate. You can create one that is stimulating but not overbearing. CTAs should create a sense of urgency but at the same time create a trust between the readers and yourself. For example, you could use the phrases Learn More instead of Shop Now, Visit Us instead of Pay Now. And also, remember to place your CTAs where it could not be missed.


7) Personal Touch


You know what makes one email stand out from the rest? Let us imagine an inbox overflowing with loads of promotional emails. Every email that you open is about this brand or that. How boring and robotic, isn’t? And then you open an email from a brand (expecting yet another similar mail) but find, for example, a personalized Birthday greeting addressed to you instead! (With a promotional offer of course) Well, how do you feel? Will you bounce back? Or not? The chances are that you will click on the CTAs. While it is certain that such an email was, in fact, automated, it feels absolutely human. It also strengthens the relationship between the brand and the existing customers.  


8) Blog It Up


One of the best ways to make your marketing email work is by creating a story around your sale. Write promotional blog articles and promote them through your email. It is a two-fold marketing where you promote your blogs through your email, however, you are, in fact, enticing your readers into your products. For example, a video streaming website can garner more visitors when they blog articles such as Top 5 Campus Movies or Must Watch Dramas of 2018. The readers are more likely to read the email that carries some interesting blogs. And they are likely to end up watching the shows mentioned in the blog. Such blogs are informational, entertaining, and promotional


9) Reconnections


One of the best ways to get the attention and the interest of the readers is by reconnecting. For example, there is a customer who had downloaded your app but had also deleted it for some reason. Now, instead of jumping into the purpose of the email, you could start by reminding them of that particular past. That ‘ll help you to reconnect with the customers very easily. That also helps the reader to recollect the necessary information to know why they had received the mail. You don’t have to sound too formal. Instead, you can say something like “Bobo is hurt. Why abandon Bobo? Or Remember Bobo? She is still here, waiting and getting better”. That will provoke the curiosity of the reader. So you can make the rest of the article interesting while showing the reader what she/he is missing. This technique of reconnecting will reduce the chances of your mail getting into the trash


Found these techniques helpful? Yes? I have got a small giveaway gift for you. Apart from these nine techniques for what you had come for, you are also entitled to the following 3 bonus techniques.


10) Use Animations


Add a small bit of animation. That can put you apart from the other emails that your customer is receiving. You can give wings to your imagination and creativity with enchanting, colorful, and elegant graphics.


11) No Beating Around the Bush


Approach your customers by giving them what they need the most. If you are selling books, you better start with the languages. Give the readers the language options available. There is no point in knowing the genre preference when there is no book available in the language of the reader’s choice. By providing such clean, direct, and easy-to-click email marketing campaigns, you will end up creating a smooth online shopping experience.


12) Flaunt Your Sense of Humour


Who doesn’t enjoy reading an article that is interesting and humorous?  Give a twist to your tale by making it entertaining rather than pushing your email to the line of mundane and dull ones the readers receive.     


These 9 + 3 techniques of email marketing will surely boost the click rates of your website. When there are more click rates, there would be more sales too. These are some simple and easy to do techniques, however, they do require focus and language skills. So go ahead and make use of these techniques.


However, to gain exceptional career growth, it is advisable to acquire the required email marketing training.


Happy marketing!