Social Media Marketing Training in Chennai

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a technique of increasing brand awareness to a product or service through social networking platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In the current technology world, it is designed to drive traffic from the visitors through referral campaigns.

Why is it so important?

SMO is a powerful viral marketing technique that helps in generating traffic to your website via social networks. As you know, today’s technology is something that deals with digital and social, businesses are competing for an impeccable impact on its online presence by attracting more visitors by the perfect utilization of social networking site.

What we do?

The SMO training provided by our institute covers almost all the techniques of using the social media effectively. The viral marketing training that we provide in Kodambakkam, Chennai provides wide exposure to tools and techniques in order to get maximum visibility of the brand. Our courses will guide the way to enhance your skills for a viral Facebook and Twitter marketing training.

Benefits of SMO course

Apart from various career opportunities available in social media optimization, there are loads of wholesome financial benefits that you can attain for your own business. Once you complete your SMO training course with us, you not only have the option of searching for the job in a company for your monthly income. Rather, you can start your business and can promote it through the help of social media channels which acts as the major source in grabbing the customers towards your business nowadays.

Even, you have another chance of working as a freelancer (part time/full time) and earn greater amount by offering your SMO services. Check out our course highlights and the exclusive benefits that you can get from our training institute to upgrade your career path.

Learning Support

Our main motive behind this course is to make you know how social media platforms can be used to supervise the conversion rate, appealing online society, identifying the influences and as well establishing the thoughts of leadership.

Flexible Time

Balance your work and life and learn the most effective strategies at your own convenience.

Doubt Clearing Session

Whatever may be the details you need, there’s no doubt that we are here to solve everything.

Authorized Certification

Get professional certification and build your digital skills with us to make the world revolve around you.


In this course, you will learn about how to merge the social media platforms which are used by both peoples and businesses to build an audience. The course includes the usage of modern social media tools like blogs, podcasts, microblogs, RSS feeds and more.

  • Course overview
  • Social Media Fundamental
  • How Social Media Works for Business
  • Overview Top Social Media Platform
  • What is Social Media Optimization?
  • Why Social Media Need Small Business
  • Audience, Engagement, Reach
  • News Feed, Timeline, Post
  • Social Media Newsfeed Algorithm
  • Overview
  • Facebook Profile Vs Business Page
  • How to Create Facebook Business Page
  • Understand Facebook Business Categories
  • How to Set Target Audience
  • Create Effective Page Timeline
  • Set You Call to Action Button
  • How to effectively fill your business information
  • How to Set Business Privacy Policy
  • How Restrict Unwanted Audience
  • How Stop Spam Comments
  • How to Set Country and Age Restriction
  • Know About Visitor Post
  • Tag – Page and Profile Tag
  • How to Merge and Delete Page
  • Widget
  • Event Page
  • Event Post
  • Offer Post
  • Type of Offer Post
  • How to Create and Participate Facebook groups
  • How to Create Followers
  • How to Effectively Update Your in Page Timeline
  • Timing for Update Status of Business
  • Publishing Tools
  • Report - Insight
  • How to Reach Goal
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Marketing Object
  • How to Find Audience
  • How to Create Campaign
  • Cost Per Click Concept
  • Remarketing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Facebook Editor
  • Type of Ads
  • Promote Page
  • Boost Post
  • Local Business Ads
  • Brand Awareness Ads
  • Website Clicks Ads
  • Website Clicks and Conversion Ads
  • Event Ads
  • Offer Ads
  • App Install Ads
  • App Engagement Ads
  • Leads Ads
  • Product Catalog Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Track Paid User
  • Reporting
  • Case Study
  • Overview of Twitter
  • Target Audience of Twitter
  • Twitter Profile Vs Twitter Page
  • How to Create Twitter Business Page
  • Create Effective Page Timeline
  • How to effectively Add Business Bio
  • How to Set Business Privacy Policy
  • How to Find Audience
  • Followers
  • Following
  • List
  • Twitter App
  • Mute and Black Audience
  • Tweet
  • Trending
  • Tag
  • Photo Tags
  • How to Effectively Add Tweet
  • Twitter Card
  • Tweet Deck
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Overview Twitter Ads
  • Account Setting of Twitter Ads
  • Type of Ads
  • Create Campaign
  • Tailored Audience
  • Custom Audience
  • Remarketing Audience
  • Followers Ads
  • Engagement Ads
  • Website Clicks and Conversion Ads
  • App Install and Engagement Ads
  • Leads Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Reporting
  • Overview
  • Google+ Profile Vs Google+ Page
  • How to Create Google+ Business Page
  • How Google+ Page is Used SEO Ranking
  • Brand Vs Location Page
  • Create Effective Page Timeline
  • How to effectively fill your business information
  • How to Set Business Privacy Policy
  • Tag – Page and Profile Tag
  • Widget
  • Event Page
  • Event Post
  • Collection
  • Page Role
  • Groups
  • How to Create and Participate Facebook groups
  • How to Create Followers
  • Timing for Update Status of Business
  • Report - Insight
  • How to Reach Goal
  • Overview
  • LinkedIn Audience
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Page
  • How Effectively Fill Business Information
  • Page Role
  • LinkedIn News Feed
  • Showcase Page
  • LinkedIn Pulse
  • How Effectively Add Your Update
  • Share Update
  • Communities
  • How to Create Followers
  • Insight
  • Overview
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Account Details
  • Ads Placement
  • Type of Ads
  • Post Ads
  • Leads Ads
  • Overview
  • Fundament of YouTube
  • How to Create Business Channel
  • How to Effectively Set Timeline
  • Youtube Editor
  • How to Upload Videos
  • Tags
  • Tumbline Images
  • Website Cards
  • Annotation
  • How to Increase Video Views
  • YouTube monetization
  • What are video ads?
  • Type of Ads
  • What do ads cost?
  • Who can I target?
  • How do I measure the results?
  • Overview
  • Pinterest Audience
  • Pinterest Profile
  • Pinterest Page
  • How to Create Board
  • Add You Pins
  • Create Followers
  • Verify Your Pinterest Page
  • Feed
  • Insight
  • Overview
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Account Details
  • Ads Placement
  • Type of Ads
  • Post Ads
  • Leads Ads
  • Overview
  • How to Create Instagram for Business
  • Update Your Business Information
  • Audience
  • How Post Your Update
  • News Feed
  • Facebook Vs Instagram
  • Tags
  • How to Add Post from Desktop
  • Insight
  • Instagram Ads


Our mentor have over 10+ years of full focused digital marketing experience working with several campaigns, their effort had made us to be excellent. When you are here, our team of experts will guide you with complete support whenever you need it.


Prabath has in-depth knowledge in SEO, PPC, SMM, web analytics concepts and is certified in Google AdWords and Analytics. He heads the Digital Marketing team and is also an expert at project management and marketing consultation.


Iyappan leads the Digital Marketing team and is proficient in SEO, PPC and Social media. Also, he is an expert in inbound marketing and setting strategies that drives realistic results. He has worked for several in-house and client projects and has achieved optimal goals on given time frame.


Vignesh works for SEO team and he is skilled in on-page and off-page optimization tactics and has delivered successful results on in-house and client projects. He’s also specialized in blogging,and social media.



We the Digital Marketing Courses stated some answers for the FAQ's listed below:

Yes, there are loads of tricks and tips are available that you need to know in SMO. You will feel ease if you are guided by someone who is expert in the same.

Yes, we are industry experts and have years of experience in field and our team know the best ways to keep track of the changes that are arising. So, it is no doubt we will make you learn the latest trends in SMO and as well make you know how to keep track over the updates.

Our faculties are industry experts who are dedicatedly working for this from the beginning. They know all the best shortcuts, tricks and tips that you need to know to generate leads. So, feel free to make use of them.

Anyone with the passion towards the career upgradation and wishes to meet success in the life at every aspects can join and get benefited.

Yes, we do. After completing the course, we assist you in job placements. But in fact, it will not be required for you as you will be in a great demand once you have completed this course.