What is HTML Training?

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a basic language that is used to create web pages that are displayed in the browser. It tells the web browser how to display the content and the images for the user’s view. Each and every website consists of HTML coding that allows in creating web pages which can be viewed by anyone else on the internet.

Why is it so important?

Creation of web pages is what Hyper Text Markup Language is all about. It is the aspect that makes the pages viewable on the internet. Without HTML there is no website at all. Front page and Dreamweaver are the latest HTML editors which are very efficient in coding a web page.

What we do?

We are a leading institute in Kodambakkam, Chennai offering HTML training courses that help students learn visually about creating web pages and the secrets behind the on-screen internet. The great advantage of learning HTML course is that you can create your own website and make it popular without having to pay for others.

Why us?

In today’s era, it seems easy to create a website with the help of the point and click online services. But you can create stunning websites only if you have clear cut idea about the basics of HTML. After understanding the needs of HTML, we have clearly structured our course to make you get the below benefits,

  • Know the ways to get grip with HTML that lead you to peak
  • Learn from the scratch about the modern technologies like HTML5 and CSS3
  • Will help you to apply variety of new skills to your job
  • Upgrade your career as new web developer or designer
  • Course structure is well designed and so, you will feel easy to follow
  • Learn advanced skills through the help of our expert mentors

Learning Support:

Digital marketing is the constantly evolving field having its presence all around the world. It continues to grow rapidly and the marketers are facing new challenges and opportunities to expose themselves in this digital age!

Flexible time

Balance your work and life and learn the most effective strategies at your own convenience.

Doubt clearing session

Whatever may be the details you need, there’s no doubt that we are here to solve everything.

Industry recognized certification

Get professional certification and build your digital skills with us to make the world revolve around you.


Digital marketing is the constantly evolving field having its presence all around the world. It continues to grow rapidly and the marketers are facing new challenges and opportunities to expose themselves in this digital age!

  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML Syntax, Basic tags and Attributes
  • Heading and Paragraph Tags
  • HTML comments and entities
  • Text alignment, Colors and linebreak
  • Text Formatting and Fonts with style
  • HTML Links, Image and marquee tags
  • Lists and items
  • Layout design with frames and iframe
  • Form elements
  • Tab Index and Access key
  • Structuring with Fieldset
  • Tables - How to create table with header, body and footer
  • Div and Span
  • Forms - How to create a form
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Syntax of selectors
  • Types of Selectors
  • Combining Descendant Selectors with IDs and Classes
  • Inline, Internal and External CSS
  • Text and Font Properties
  • Margin and Padding properties
  • Background Properties
  • Div and span with CSS
  • CSS Positioning
  • Z-index
  • Image Opacity
  • Pseudo class and pseudo Elements
  • Styling with IDs and Classes
  • Styling forms with CSS
  • Join with us to master in both HTML and CSS, as there won’t be any web pages or websites without them.


Our mentor have over 10+ years of full focused digital marketing experience working with several campaigns, their effort had made us to be excellent. When you are here, our team of experts will guide you with complete support whenever you need it.

Senthil Kumar

Mr. Senthil heads the web development team and is proficient in PHP, WordPress, Ruby, Magento, andlatest web technologies. He is an expert at eCommerce, web and mobile application development from early stage development to product delivery, support and maintenance.

Asraar Ahmad

Mr.Asraar works for front-end development, and is proficient in conversion of PSD to HTML, responsiveweb design, cross browser compatibility, debugging and supporting with backend development tooffer high quality deliverables on-time.


Ms.Kowsalya works for HTML development and has expertise in HTML, CSS, and responsive web design concepts. He’s adept at web technologies across multi-functional areas to create user interface designs for several websites.



We the Digital Marketing Courses stated some answers for the FAQ's listed below:

One should be certified in HTML so as to prove their skills as well to show off the standard qualification that they have in the field.

No, we will help you to learn from the beginning if you are fresher. But, it’s not a matter if you have coding skills already as it’s an added advantage.

Yes, in fact after finishing the course we will give you a project work in which we will guide you in developing your own website.

Please, have a glance with our course curriculum to know or contact us immediately to get further details.

Daily, loads of websites are getting launched. So in the present and upcoming era, this will definitely have lots of chances to get placed in reputed company or even you can start you own company.