5 Top SEO Blogs You should follow to become an SEO Expert

It’s been already said for a lot of times and we would like to say it again: SEO is constantly changing! Over the years we have seen a bunch of search engine updates – Penguin, Panda, Humming bird, and now the latest Mobilegeddon and much more updates with regards to tools like Google AdWords, social […]

Confirmed: Google is Eliminating PageRank Toolbar

It is authenticated news that Google is going to remove the Toolbar PageRank. It is stated that if you are using a browser or tool that illustrate you PageRank data from Google, will vanish within next two weeks. Google also has clarified that the internal ranking algorithm with PageRank will be in use, while the […]

How to land a job in Digital Marketing?

With an ever-growing scenario of digital marketing, it is very much evident that this is the thrilling time to get a job in the industry. According to a recent survey, around 200+ digital marketing executives have been evolved with 80% of the reporting plans have been assigned to increase the budget in next 12 to […]

3 SEO Rules for 2016

The rules for doing effective SEO have changed over the past few years. Experts offer great tips on the current state of SEO and how you can use these tips to maximize your content investment in 2016. Marketers are increasing their investments in content, but to take advantage of those investments, they also have to […]

Now you may Access Google Maps Offline Too!

Nowadays people use Google Maps on and often to search routes and places while going somewhere. But it requires internet access probably a 3G connection will be helpful to make journey without distraction! And, now it is possible without internet access as well.

Why SEO career is a Wise choice?

What is SEO? Any finished product does not become a success without a good marketing plan. With the increasing use of internet over the decade, marketing has acquired two broad categories namely, the traditional marketing and the digital marketing. And SEO is one category in digital marketing which markets the business to the intended crowd […]


It is our pleasure to announce that we have a special offer for July at Zuan Education. This offer will benefit those candidates who join our Digital Marketing as well as Web Designing Course in the month of July. Benefits of this Special July: # First of all, you can save some serious money on […]


Keyword Research: Keyword research is an essential form of optimizing your website content with rich keywords. It is advisable to make your content and website with SEO friendly techniques. There are many SEO tools for finding keywords that will allow you to see the levels of competition for the most popular keywords. This in turn […]


Zuan Education is proud to announce the new branch opening on 23rd April in Guindy! As a part of inaugural offer, get 40% discount on Digital Marketing Course at Zuan Education. Actual Fee for Digital Marketing = 16,000/- INR Discounted Fee = 9,600/- INR Course Modules include: 1. Search Engine Optimization 2. Search Engine Marketing […]


For any business marketing plans, Email marketing campaigns are the most important elements. Acquiescence based on Email marketing has more ROI than direct, unsolicited mail and traditional advertising methods. This is the most powerful marketing strategy that attracts customers and grow and retain loyal customers. What Email Marketing can do? • Boost sales • Increase […]