5 Top SEO Blogs You should follow to become an SEO Expert

It’s been already said for a lot of times and we would like to say it again: SEO is constantly changing! Over the years we have seen a bunch of search engine updates – Penguin, Panda, Humming bird, and now the latest Mobilegeddon and much more updates with regards to tools like Google AdWords, social media like Google Plus, etc and unfortunately it is not a single source that we could trust to keep adept to these updates over time.

As a SEO training provider, we know how hard it is to stay up-to-date and relevant to the technologies and news which are on-going. Hence, we are bringing you some essential blog that discusses about SEO which not only provides you the latest update in Search Engine Optimization but also gives a deeper analysis, case studies and experimentation on what’s happening around the search engine web. The happenings include articles, videos, guides and other stuff relevant to help you stay relevant and fit to current trends.

Following are a few important SEO blogs in the industry:

Google’s Official Blog

This is one such a blog that never gets old! It is always updated with the stuff which Google updates to its search engine. So this is the first blog you must be reading to know the latest news from the giant search engine. But the thing is you won’t find tips on the subjects you want to learn about. So, your reading cannot be stopped with Google’s official blog.


Search Engine Land

Another most popular blog around the SEO community is Search Engine Land. They are the one who first break the news and you will find many articles on one subject to read about. Hence, your queries can be answered right when you are following this great blog, SEL. Though you can see the same writers who post articles, the topics are sure to give you variety of juices.



One of the SEO blogs that focus on ‘what it means to you’ to all the aspects of SEO related stuffs. This blog not only informs you about the news and what does it mean, but actually gives you the step by step procedure and also the tools to help you with attaining your SEO strategies to be carried out on your website. If you are looking out for a practical SEO advice, you may blindly trust on HigherVisibility.



Clickz is an information hub that provides the latest insights on how digital marketing and SEO can work for your business, how professionals can update themselves about what’s happening around the SEO space. To learn in-depth marketing about industries, Clickz would be best choice to follow upon.



It is one of the most popular blogs ever since its existence and it is because of the way it is written. The articles at HubSpot always have a conversational tone in a humanizing manner that helps you understand better. Apart from the marketing blog, HubSpot also has other topics including sales, web design, academy, and much more) that we recommend you to check out!


Apart from the above-mentioned blogs, we do have several other popular SEO blogs that we din’t make it on the list since the above-mentioned list would be quite easy and understandable for newbies and SEO beginners.

Let us know if you have any other favourite blogs that inspires you the most?